Rounders Silver!


Well done to our fantastic rounders team who took part in the Year 5/6 rounders competition last Friday. Due to our Year 6 children being busy with another event, we took a team of Year 4 and 5 children. The children worked really well as a team, organising themselves when fielding so that they could frequently get their opponents out. There was some excellent communication and fast action between backstop and first base as well as superb deep fielding and bowling.

Every member of the Wellow team did a great job when batting, scoring many half rounders and rounders. Overall the Wellow team came 2nd in their league and were really pleased with their silver medals. Congratulations to all of you!



Wellow Sports Day!

Last Friday the whole school took part in our annual Sports Day. The morning consisted of the children working in mixed age house teams, rotating round a variety of activities including standing long jump, egg and spoon relay, football dribble and beanbag throw. Following this, was the vortex throwing completion where there were some excellent distances thrown. At the end of the morning’s activities the scores were extremely close between all 4 houses.

During the afternoon, the children took part in their races, each completing a sprint and hurdles race, followed by the house relays. The children enjoyed cheering each other on in their houses. As always , there was so much support and encouragement for each other.

At the end of the afternoon, the results were announced. The points totals were still very close, particularly between 1st and 2nd place with a difference of only 2 points!

1st Place: Foxes

2nd Place: Badgers

3rd Place: Moles

4th Place: Hares

Congratulations to all the children – you should all be very proud of your determination, sportsmanship and team spirit!

Thank you to the WSA who provided the children with a much needed fruit snack during the afternoon.



Year 3 Tennis Festival


Well done to the eight children from Year 3 who took part in the Tennis Festival at Mountbatten School last week. They formed two teams and played Mini Tennis, a modified version of the game, using shorter rackets, smaller courts, slower/ softer balls and simple scoring.

All the Wellow children enjoyed the competition and played brilliantly, demonstrating their excellent tennis skills and sportsmanship. The final points totals were very close and they came 6th and 8th overall.

Year 5 and 6 Cricket 🏏


Well done to the Wellow Year 5 and 6 Kwik-Cricket team who took part in the competition at Mountbatten. During the game the children batted in pairs, scoring runs for their team. They also played an important role in fielding during the opposing team’s innings. Our team did a fantastic job both when batting and fielding. Overall the Wellow team came 3rd. Well done to everyone who took part!


Hampshire School Games

Two Wellow teams qualified to take part in the Hampshire School Games on 21st June in Aldershot. Eight children from Years 5 and 6 formed the Quad Kids athletics team and 11 children from Years 3 and 4 formed the gymnastics team.

The gymnastics team competed in 3 different disciplines: floor routine, body management and vault. They all spent a long time learning and practising their routines leading up to the event, perfecting their poise and control. Their hard work paid off as overall the team achieved 1st place! There was individual success too, with Millie being awarded the girls individual bronze medal and Tom being awarded the boys individual bronze medal. Congratulations all of you!


The Quad Kids competition took part in the athletics stadium, where each member of the team competed in the 75m sprint, vortex throw, standing long jump and 600m run. The children worked very hard in the weeks leading up to the event, practising their skills and technique. The children’s combined achievements gave them an overall team placing. Out of the 20 teams in the competition, Wellow came a fantastic 10th place. There were also some superb individual achievements from the Wellow team throughout the day – well done all of you!

Both the gym team and the quad kids teams should be very proud of their achievements in qualifying for the event, where they competed against the best schools in Hampshire. They have also shown how their hard work practising beforehand and their determination and effort on the day led them to be successful. Super results – well done!


Year 4 Netball


Seven children from Year 4 took part in the Netball Festival at Mountbatten School last Friday. The whole team played brilliantly, marking their partners, dodging into space and passing accurately. Out of the 6 games they played, our team won 2 games,  drew 3 and lost one. The final results were very close and the Wellow team came 4th overall. Really well played all of you!

Quad Kids Athletics


Last Thursday, 16 of our Year 5 and 6 children took part in the Quad Kids athletics completion at Mountbatten School. The competition consisted of four different elements of athletics: sprint, 600m run, standing long jump and vortex throw. The Wellow teams performed to the very best of their ability in all of the events, with some outstanding individual performances.

At the end of the afternoon, both our teams competed in a sprint relay around the 400m track.

21 teams from Romsey Schools took part in the competition. Overall, Wellow Team 2 came a fantastic 8th place. Wellow Team 1 came a superb 2nd place and have qualified for the Hampshire Youth Games event later in the month. Congratulations to all of you!